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About Us

The iOutlet is a multi-award winning retailer and distributor specialising in the refurbished technology market, we offer a wide variety of products across several different categories. Our products are distributed across 40 countries with over 1M units sold to date. We also offer a buy back and trade in solution promoting our goal of developing the circular economy, reducing e-waste and carbon footprint.

The benefits of choosing refurbished tech alongside the increasing cost of buying brand new devices has led to the increasing popularity of refurbished tech. If you want to get in on the benefits of refurbished devices shop at The iOutlet. We have a wide variety of iPhones available from the iPhone 8 to iPhone 14 Pro Max. More amore businesses are recognising the advantages of buying refurbished tech and once more its right on your door step here in Plymouth. A recent case study identified that a 20 employed business could save in excess of £8,000 on their mobile phones alone by switching to refurbished. We are happy to give free B2B quotes and examples of how much your business could save!