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TN Training Services is a coaching and facilitation company that helps leaders and teams work with greater communication, collaboration, and curiosity. As the Managing Director and Founder, I have over 10 years of experience in creating and delivering bespoke learning programs that challenge thinking and raise self and social awareness. I am also a certified Practitioner in Team Coaching from the Global Team Coaching Institute, which enables me to support executive teams in achieving their goals and outcomes.

My passion is to create a space where team members can debate in psychological safety, change perceptions, and unlock their potential. I work with clients across various industries, such as manufacturing, healthcare, and education, to help them align their purpose, vision, and values with their organisational needs. I also empower them to manage conflict effectively, share accountability and responsibility, and create effective stakeholder management. My mission is to help you and your people achieve exceptional business and personal success through coaching and continuous learning.

Why Rocket Building Coach? Well, that comes from the systemic approach to coaching using the acronym PROPEL.

PROPEL stands for
Operational effectiveness

We will cover all of these areas so that you can build your rocket that will boost you as a leader, and your business to increased profitability and enable you to navigate the VUCA world in a purposeful and emotionally intelligent way


  • Unite teams around a clear purpose linked to the organisational purpose
  • Help leaders and team members communicate with clarity
  • Create a sense of psychological safety that enables team members to debate without conflic
  • Ensuring stakeholders are seen, heard and acknowledged
  • Help all team members to share Accountability and Responsibility


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