BCC Comments on Coronavirus

Commenting on the Coronavirus outbreak and its impact on business, BCC Director General Adam Marshall said: 

“Businesses are increasingly managing the economic impacts of Coronavirus, from shipping and travel restrictions to increased freight costs and supply chain disruption.  

“Companies should consider the potential impact that the Coronavirus could have on their operations and act now to mitigate any risks. 

“We continue to monitor its effects and are ensuring that firms are aware of official advice and guidance.” 

Chamber CEO and Chair of BCCSW, Stuart Elford added: "Businesses may need to manage the potential economic effect of the virus, including shipping restrictions, increased freight costs, supply chain disruption, staff shortages and travel restrictions.

“We haven’t seen a direct impact on Devon & Plymouth businesses at this stage but given the emerging concerns, we’d advise businesses to start to consider any potential issues that may arise and implement any action.

“This may include businesses who rely on products from infected areas, have operations in such areas or have staff travelling overseas who may be subject to restrictions or quarantine.

“Businesses are urged to stay vigilant and up-to-date on the latest Government guidance.  The Chamber will continue to monitor the effects of the virus and ensure that Dorset firms are aware of official advice and guidance through our website and newsletters.”

Visit www.devonchamber.co.uk and https://www.gov.uk/guidance/wuhan-novel-coronavirus-information-for-the-public.



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