Expressions of Interest – Devon Business Show

Devon and Plymouth Chamber of Commerce is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) in partnering to deliver the Devon Business Show.  This exciting and commercially successful event is held annually at Plymouth Pavilions and is next booked for 12th June 2019.
This high-profile event usually sells out approximately 120 stands at the show for exhibitors from various business sectors and industries, with opportunities for sponsored areas and events in a busy schedule.
There are many elements that go into running the show and Devon and Plymouth Chamber is asking its membership if there are any areas they would like to support, specifically:

  1. Sales
    1. Selling stands
    2. Event sponsorship
    3. Other sponsorship opportunities
    4. Ticket sales
  2. Event management
    1. Event operations
    2. Running the event on the day
    3. Liaison with the venue
    4. Pre-show set up
    5. Registration
    6. Compering/announcing
  3. Event media
    1. Marketing and PR
    2. Social and digital media
    3. Creative input into event content and communications
You may express interest in one, more or all the above categories. Interested parties should submit a Word or PDF document on a maximum of 2 sides of A4 that includes the following under these headings:
  1. CONTACT: The name and address of your organisation and main point of contact, including email, direct dial telephone number and website
  2. SERVICES: Details of specifically which services you are interested in delivering (numbered as above)
  3. EXPERIENCE: A summary of your experience, including where you have successfully delivered similar services
  4. COST: Details of your proposed pricing structure and revenue sharing arrangements
Please note that this is an Expression of Interest only and the Chamber will not share details of budgets or revenue at this stage and reserves the right, without further correspondence:
  • To choose or decline one or more suppliers for each element;
  • Not to appoint external partners for any or all the above elements; OR
  • To go to a full tender process. 
Submit your EOI in the above format by email to Stuart Elford, Chief Executive, Devon and Plymouth Chamber of Commerce: by 9am on Friday 14th December 2018.


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